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My goal is to share my experience and resources with other pup parents that are on the canine epilepsy journey. I'm not a doctor and my content should not be mistaken for medical advice. 

  • Jess

The Day I Discovered That My Dog Had Canine Epilepsy

I'll never forget this day - the day that I realized my dog had canine epilepsy. It was such a traumatic event for me and my husband. I was upstairs and I heard my husband, Joey, calling me from the den. After running downstairs, I see Bear on the floor.

Dog sleeping in his bed.

He's foaming at the mouth, paddling, and seemingly not able to breathe correctly. I went into a panic. I grabbed my shoes and we put Bear in the car. I called the animal hospital near us to give them a warning that we were on our way. My dog wasn't responding, and we didn't know what was going on. Minutes felt like hours.

There were so many things going through my head at this point... he having a seizure? (this was strangely the first thing I thought about) aneurysm? this the end for my little guy?

....did he get ahold of chocolate?

...did he fall down the steps? he going to be okay?

I truly had no idea what was happening. Joey was driving, and I was just trying to breathe as Bear continued to seize. By the time we got to the animal hospital, the seizure was over.

When we got him inside, we explained everything that happened to our little guy. They checked him out, took some bloodwork and x-rays, and gave us the final report.

Unfortunately, the final report didn't consist of much. To them, Bear looked like a healthy pup that just experienced an unknown traumatic event. What that "event" was though, they couldn't confirm. They did, however, say that it SOUNDED as though he had a seizure. But, confirming it wasn't possible. I didn't record it, I didn't even time it. I didn't even know those were things that should be done when a seizure occurs.

The unknown can be such a scary thing. So it goes without saying that walking out of the emergency room felt defeating.

This was our first time experiencing Bear having a seizure-like event and I couldn't help but think...

...was this the first one?

...has he been suffering while I'm at work and I didn't know?

...will there be more? day, will this take his life?

Little did we know, discovering our dog had canine epilepsy will had changed our lives forever. Before this, Bear had never had any health scares. Until today. Bear was 7 years old and today, he gave us the scare of our lives. Little did we know that after this day, our lives would forever be changed.


**Please note that I'm not a veterinarian and none of this content should be mistaken for medical advice. The purpose of my blog is to help share resources and stories to support you and your pup on the canine epilepsy journey.


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